Amethyst Cluster in Geode from Brazil - Choose Weight

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Type: Materials
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Size A: 0.5 to 1lb (0.22 to 0.45kg)
  • Size B: 1 to 2lb (0.45 to 0.90kg)
  • Every amethyst cluster is truly unique! You will receive one roughly similar to what you see, although yours could be very different

Mother nature creates each amethyst cluster as her own way of uniquely expressing herself. You can expect a multitude of fascinating variations for this natural amethyst cluster when it arrives at your doorstep. Some amethyst clusters are taller while some are shorter. Some have calcite dogtooths while some are purely amethyst. Some are lighter purple in hue where some are much deeper purple in hue. And some have larger crystals where others have smaller crystals. Excitement lies in waiting to see what magical combination of attributes mother nature chooses for you.