Crystal Allies Wholesale Program

CLICK HERE to start your application.

Please complete all fields and attach your business documents at the end to finalize your application. After your application is received, our team will review it and get back to you. As a business ourselves, we understand your needs. Contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.


  • SALES TAX EXEMPTION (where applicable)
  • Steep discounts on WEBSITE prices
  • Ultra Fast Processing & Shipping for your orders
  • Exceptional Customer Service - Your Satisfaction Guaranteed



  • Valid Sales Tax License for the state where your business is located. This license may also be called a Sellers Permit, Reseller Certificate, Retailers Tax License, General Excise Tax License, etc. Exceptions as of 2023: Alaska, Oregon, Montana, New Hampshire, Delaware do not have state sales tax.
  • If Your State DOES NOT Have Sales Tax, then you will need to provide some other form of documentation. Examples include: IRS SS-4 (EIN), Business License, DBA Certificate, Secretary of State Certificate, entity formation documents (Corp, LLC), etc.



- I am located outside of the USA. Am I eligible to join?

       Yes. Please email us at with details about your business and any supporting documentation.

- I don't have the required business documents above, but I am actively selling relevant products and/or services. Can I still apply?

      Business documentation is vital for maintaining the program's integrity. Please email us at with details about your business and any supporting documentation.

- My business is located in a state that does not issue sales tax permits of any kind. Can I still apply?

       Yes. As of 2023, a few US states fall into this exceptional category: Alaska, Oregon, Montana, New Hampshire, and Delaware. Contact us and share your situation, and we'll show you how to apply.

- Do you require a certain order size/value?

       There is NO minimum order quantity (MOQ) for the website or Instagram.

- I'm located in Hawaii or Alaska. Can you ship to me?

Yes. We ship outside of the 48 contiguous states using USPS First-Class and Priority Mail.