Our Story


In my early days of collecting stones, I found myself eagerly researching bookstores and the internet to learn all that I could. I browsed every retail store far and wide, looking for the next unique specimen to add to my collection. But just as my own interest was hooked, so was my wallet. High-quality stones were not only rare to come by, but were difficult to afford. Still, I continued to build my private collection as well as my knowledge of every new mineral I could get my hands (and eyes) on.

In 2011, I clearly remember visiting the international Tucson Gem, Mineral, and Fossil show for the very first time. I was in total shock and awe. There were countless vendors from all over the world, located across dozens of shows around the city, bringing their most precious items to share.

It was then that I realized the golden opportunity awaiting me. With a background in e-commerce, having built multiple, successful businesses on the internet, and knowing how difficult it was to find and afford these raw mineral specimens, I summoned the heart and courage to begin my most challenging yet rewarding project ever.

During my first trip to Tucson and during successive trips to the shows each year, my team and I connected with like-minded individuals from faraway places who believed what we believed and felt what we felt. Today, these individuals are now part of our trusted global team, and thanks to them, our network reaches out to some of the most exotic and isolated places in the world.

By forging positive, win-win relationships with global partners in mine direct sourcing, and by utilizing key technologies and the internet, it is our mission to discover and share our earth’s natural treasures with you, making authenticity the hallmark of everything we do. You’re invited to follow our story and learn more about where our crystals come from, and to better understand how the stone industry works at its roots.

Come along for the adventure and stay for the treasure. Let’s be Crystal Allies®.

Your Ally,