The Selenite Stone: Formation, Mining Locations, and Metaphysical Properties

Selenite is a crystallized form of the mineral gypsum. It may also be known as desert rose, satin spar, or gypsum flower depending on certain characteristics. All four varieties, however, can be grouped together and referred to as selenite. This mineral is composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate. While the name might lead one to believe that selenite contains selenium, it does not contain significant amounts of this substance. Instead, the names for both were derived from the ancient Greek word for “moon”.

Some of the largest crystals ever discovered are selenite. The largest weighs more than 55 tons and is 12 meters long and is located in the Naica Mine’s Cave of the Crystals. As a form of gypsum, selenite has mainly been used throughout history for decorative purposes. However, it is also held in high regard among crystal healers and the metaphysical community. It is, in fact, one of the most common stones used in crystal healing and it is one that nearly every member of the metaphysical community strives to keep in their collection.

The History of Selenite

Selenite crystals have been prized by humans for thousands of years. This mineral was given its moon-inspired name by the ancient Greeks because pearly white selenite almost glows, giving it a similar appearance to the moon. In ancient cultures, it was also believed that some transparent crystals – including selenite, of course – waxed and waned with the moon. Since the 15th century, the term “selenite” has been used to describe the specific form of crystalized gypsum that occurs in crystalline masses or transparent crystals.

Transparent selenite crystals were once used as substitutes for window glass. This mineral has also been used for ornamental purposes. Because of its fragility, however, it is not used for industrial purposes.

Selenite's Physical Properties

While typically thought of as white or colorless, selenite may form in a number of colors when it forms with other minerals. It can be orange, brown, green, or blue and ranges from translucent to transparent. It usually forms as reticular, tabular, and columnar crystals. The crystals can be found free-floating or attached to a base rock or matrix.

Selenite is an evaporate rock that forms when bodies of water evaporate and leave behind the minerals and chemicals that were previously dissolved in them. When gypsum left behind during evaporation creates clear crystals, selenite is formed. Because it is an evaporate stone, it will eventually dissolve if placed in water.

Selenite has a vitreous to pearly luster and a specific gravity of 2.9. With a rating of 2 on the Mohs hardness scale, it is a very soft mineral that can easily be scratched by a fingernail. It has been found in countless locations spanning the globe. At Crystal Allies, we source our high-quality selenite specimens from China.

Metaphysical Properties of Selenite

Selenite is believed to be a highly protective stone that protects a person or place from all types of outside influences and intruders. It brings protection from the angelic realm and is said to dispel negative energy. Selenite is a powerful crystal that can help you connect with your spirit guides, guardian angels, and higher self.

This crystal has a strong vibration that can be used to open, clear, and energize the crown chakra, so it is an excellent tool for spiritual work of all types. It is also said to eliminate blockages in the etheric and physical bodies. It promotes mental clarity and can help you see the “big picture” when facing a problem.

Selenite benefits relationships of all types and instills a sense of peace. It removes negative energy from the aura and can help you activate dormant abilities from your past lives. It facilitates rapid spiritual growth and is said to cleanse and charge other crystals.

Selenite's Healing Properties

Selenite is a powerful tool for all types of healing. Physically, it can help improve spinal alignment and encourage flexibility. It is thought to protect against seizures and facilitate the absorption of minerals and vitamins. Calcium, in particular, is more easily absorbed when in the presence of selenite. It is also believed that this stone can reverse the effects of free radicals and heal the body on a cellular level. It is good for breastfeeding mothers, too, and can neutralize problems associated with mercury poisoning from dental work.

Emotionally, this crystal has the power to dispel negative thoughts. It also encourages overall positivity and a more optimistic outlook on life. It can lift your moods and serves as an excellent crystal for anyone who struggles with depression. Working with selenite can soothe upset emotions and provide emotional balance when it is needed.

This crystal is also helpful in relationships of all types. It encourages healthy relationships built upon foundations of trust and honest communication from the heart. It heals and maintains both romantic and familial relationships.

Selenite is especially powerful for spiritual healing. Working with it allows you to open your mind and heart to discover your true self. Doing so can also help you connect with gifts and memories from your past lives so that you can better understand your higher purpose. Selenite can help you connect with the angelic realm and receive spiritual guidance when you need it, too. Communication is strongly supported by this stone. You just have to quiet your mind and listen with your inner ear.

Working with Selenite

There are many, many ways to work with selenite and experience its benefits. You can place a piece at each of the four corners of your home to dispel negativity and safeguard your space against outside forces. You can also wear it or carry it in your pocket as a personal protective talisman.

If you would like to use selenite to access information from your past lives or to connect with higher realms, try using it during meditation. Meditating with selenite can be a quite powerful experience!

Selenite is also a beautiful addition to any space. When placed in your home, office, or healing space, it provides protection and positive energy. If you are looking for high-quality selenite specimens from China, Crystal Allies has you covered. Check out our online shop today to find a piece that is perfect for you.

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