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Since the dawn of time, humans have prized natural rough stones and crystals for their beauty and metaphysical healing properties. At Crystal Allies, we source captivating rough and tumbled stones from around the world and deliver them directly to your doorstep.... Whether you are searching for healing crystals, amethyst stones to use as home décor, or virtually any other type of crystal, we have you covered.

For instance, we offer a wide range of unique tumbled and rough stones that will surely bring beauty and vibrancy to any space in which they are displayed. Whether you are drawn to the deep ocean blues found in sodalite and lapis lazuli, love the radiant purple hues of amethyst stones, or could spend hours gazing into the depths of a stunning piece of labradorite, we have tumbled crystals, rough stones, points, clusters, and other brilliant specimens to suit any desire. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, too, and there is something incredible about owning a piece of nature that is as unique as you are!

In addition to their beauty, crystals are renowned for their healing and metaphysical properties. Chakra stones, for example, are believed to open and align the energy centers of the body and are used for everything from enhancing intuition to restoring physical health while rose quartz stones are used to strengthen relationships. The energy present in healing crystals raises our personal energy vibrations, and when programmed with your intentions, crystals can be used to connect your conscious thoughts with your physical body. Healing stones can ease stress and anxiety, aid you in speaking your truth, or even attract wealth and abundance into your life. And because our products are ethically sourced, they will come to you filled with only positive energy.

You can enjoy this energy and experience the benefits of crystals yourself by placing them around your home or office, wearing them as jewelry, or even carrying them in your pocket. Tumbled stones work especially well as pocket stones because of their compact size and durability. When using stone material as home décor, points and clusters are always aesthetically pleasing options. Clear quartz points add sparkle to any space and can be used to enhance and focus the energy of any nearby crystals. Embracing both their beauty and metaphysical properties allows you to experience the full benefit of these incredible gifts from Mother Nature.

Whether you are interested in using crystals for healing, reiki, or meditation, or you are captivated by their beauty and would like to use them for jewelry or home décor, Crystal Allies has the tumbled and rough stones you need. Browse our full selection today to find the perfect crystal (or crystals!) to add to your collection.