Pyromorphite Stone: History, Formation, & Metaphysical Properties

A member of the apatite family, pyromorphite is a unique stone that is often mistaken for another mineral known as mimetite. These two stones are so similar, in fact, that they are virtually indistinguishable from one another and are frequently mislabeled. Pyromorphite forms in several vibrant colors and is a relatively rare stone that is prized among collectors. Recently discovered specimens that are a bright neon green in color are especially valuable among those who collect rocks and minerals.

Pyromorphite is also used in the metaphysical and spiritual healing communities. It is thought to encourage new ways of thinking and help one when they are feeling like they are in need of change. Those who believe in the metaphysical properties of rocks, minerals, and crystals also say that this mineral can help rekindle relationships with people who are no longer in one’s life. When used with other crystals, pyromorphite strengthens their energy fields, making their metaphysical and healing properties more powerful.

Whether you are someone who believes in crystal healing or you are simply looking for a unique mineral to add to your collection, pyromorphite is a crystal that is certainly worth learning more about.

Pyromorphite History

Pyromorphite was first discovered and described in 1748 by Johan Gottschalk Wallerius. He called the mineral “Grön Blyspat and Minera plumbi Viridis”. In 1753, he revised the name to “Mine de plump vetre”. Over the next few years, the mineral was given a number of different names. It wasn’t until 1813 that it was given the “pyromorphite” name by which it is known today. Johann Friedrich Ludwig Hausmann bestowed this name from the Greek words for fire and form: pyros and morphos. The mineral was named as such because, after melting it into a globule, it took on a crystalline shape while cooling.

This mineral is a minor ore of lead. Since its discovery, it has also been popular among collectors and is prized by members of the metaphysical community.

Pyromorphite Physical Properties

Pyromorphite belongs to the apatite family and is a led chloro-phosphate mineral. It is a type of secondary mineral that is commonly found within the oxidized zones of deposits of lead ore. Most often, it forms distinct barrel-shaped crystals in a manner that resembles a cactus. This mineral can occur in a number of different colors, including yellow, green, white, and orange-yellow. There are also specimens that exhibit multiple colors, such as orange and green.

The luster of pyromorphite ranges from resinous to greasy, and the mineral has a translucent luster. It has a specific gravity of 6.9 to 7.1 and a rating of 3.5 to 4 on the Mohs hardness scale. As a result, it is a relatively heavy mineral for its size that is quite soft and easy to damage.

This mineral forms in metamorphic and sedimentary rock and can be found in multiple places around the world. Classic localities include Germany, France, Spain, England, and Italy. More recently, some truly spectacular specimens have been coming from China, Australia, the United States, and Mexico. At Crystal Allies, we source our stunning pyromorphite specimens from Guangxi Province, China.

Pyromorphite Metaphysical Properties

In the metaphysical community, pyromorphite is thought of as a “Seeker Buffer” crystal. This type of crystal is used by those who are attempting to re-center themselves and find balance in their lives. If you are feeling like your life is out of balance and you constantly have demands, expectations, and responsibilities being thrown at you from all directions, working with a Seeker Buffer crystal – like pyromorphite – is thought to help.

Pyromorphite is said to provide assistance when you are dealing with stressful situations. It also brings understanding and can help you build a healthy balance between your heart and mind. It is said to manifest abundance, too, and to encourage the flow of all types of positive energies. It brings prosperity but can also help you let go of unhealthy attachments to material possessions and money.

If you have goals but are struggling to meet them, this mineral can help. It stimulates the mind and helps you figure out the best way to reach the goals you have set. It also unlocks learning abilities and makes it easier for you to take in and process new information.

Pyromorphite Healing Properties

Physically, pyromorphite is said to help with the assimilation of B vitamins. It has also been used to alleviate chills and treat gum disease. Because it is thought to improve metabolic function and decrease appetite, it may help those who are trying to lose weight. It relieves eye strain, calms headaches, and can help regulate high blood pressure, too.

Emotionally, this mineral is said to increase one’s personal power. It is also thought to refresh attitudes and provide you with a more positive outlook on life. It resonates with the heart chakra and can heal the heartbreak caused by lost relationships and lost love. It can also increase your ability to learn lessons from emotional experiences of all types and enable you to let go of negative energies.

How to Use Pyromorphite

Pyromorphite is a powerful mineral, and there is truly no wrong way to work with it. Many people use it during their daily meditation practices in order to focus on and feel its benefits. It can also be used in crystal grids and layouts and is especially effective when placed on the heart chakra.

Because this crystal works well to alleviate stress, it is an excellent one to keep in your workplace. Place a piece on your desk at work, or keep one in your pocket as you go about your workday. Placing pyromorphite near your bed can help you have pleasant dreams. You can also place this beautiful and unique stone anywhere in your environment to experience its benefits on a daily basis.

If you would like to add pyromorphite to your collection, we can help. At Crystal Allies, we stock high-quality crystals and minerals from around the world and are proud to bring stunning specimens to your fingertips. Browse now to find a piece that speaks to you!

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