4" Polished Agate Geode with Cut Base from Brazil, Pink

•Polished Agate Druzy Geode with Cut Base
•Dimensions: 4x2" to 3x3" (approx.)
•Weight: 0.5 to 1lb (approx.)
•Each agate geode is truly unique, and you will receive one similar to the images shown!

Color: Pink (dyed)

Agate is found in a variety of colors. While Agate is generally considered a stone of relatively low intensity and slower in vibrational frequencies, this is by no means a suggestion that Agate is inferior to other stones. In fact, Agate is regarded as stabilizing and is suitable for long-term development. Agate imbues the holder with extra energy when needed. However, because it is a stabilizing and grounding stone, it does not perpetually increase energy at all times, but rather provides a pool of energy to draw from. In this perspective, Agate is a conservation stone and enhances longevity. Working with Agate is said to enhance one's perceptiveness, analytical capacities, and intellect, making it an excellent stone for students. Agate promotes courage and self-confidence while dissipating fear. Each variety of Agate possesses its own characteristics.