6pc 4-14mm 2.9g Petroleum Quartz (Golden Enhydro) from Pakistan

  • Origin: Pakistan
  • Quantity and Size: 6 pieces, 4-14mm
  • Weight (approx): 3 g

Petroleum quartz crystal, also known as golden enhydro, or "golden water within". You can see the small pockets of oil inside, known as inclusions. These inclusions range in color, size, and quantity, but are always fluorescent, which means they glow in the dark! Some inclusions within this unusual quartz crystal variety even have tiny air bubbles trapped inside! The air bubbles move around as you hold the crystal in your hand - they are quite a site to see and play with. Due to their size, these petroleum quartz crystals are versatile and are usable in many ways. Use them for decoration or for jewelry today!