3" Blue Calcite Crystal Egg from Madagascar

•Blue Calcite
•Dimensions: Height ~3in
•Weight: ~1/2lb to 1lb
•Each Crystal Egg is unique and you will receive ones similar to the image shown.

Crystal Allies knows that since ancient times, people from different cultures have believed in the spiritual energy and protective power of stones and crystals. The egg has long been a symbol of fertility and new life, but did you know that with its similarity in form to crystal spheres, it is also associated with ideas of wholeness? Egg-shaped crystals fit perfectly in your hands, making them ideal tools for meditation and self-reflection. They are thought to help with detecting and releasing blockages in your chakra, and thus have applications in massage, therapy, acupressure, shiatsu, reflexology, and aura scanning. They also look beautiful and make great decorative pieces in your home. Take a Crystal Allies Egg into your hands and discover how it can change the energy within yourself and within your home.

Calcite comes in many colors, but no matter which one you choose, all are believed to be excellent healing stones. This crystal possesses very gentle yet potent cleansing and revitalizing energy emanations, making it indispensable for crystal users looking to open blockages within the body, activate energy systems, and overcome unhealthy patterns and behavior. Calcite is thought to help with mental clarity and is believed to restore mental and emotional equilibrium. This purifying stone is often applied to the reproductive system, digestive system, and is generally seen as an aid for clearing out one’s system. Often aligned with the fire element, it is also sought out for balancing sexual energies.


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