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Crystal specimens from Crystal Allies add beauty to any space and carry a range of metaphysical healing properties. Our crystals are all-natural and available in an unlimited number of shapes, colors, and sizes.... From smaller pieces that would make lovely additions to handmade jewelry to larger specimens that are stunning for home décor, there are options to suit every need and budget. No matter what type of raw crystals you are looking for, we have you covered!

Our natural stone specimens offer unparalleled beauty. Each piece comes from Mother Earth and is one-of-a-kind. Whether you love the deep hues of amethyst specimens or enjoy the look of clear quartz specimens, there are crystals to match any aesthetic. And since no two pieces are exactly alike, they are as unique as you are. The potential uses for crystals are limitless, as well. From healing, meditation, and reiki to home décor and jewelry, people have been using these captivating gifts from Mother Earth for various purposes since the dawn of time.

Placing a natural crystal in your environment, carrying it with you, or wearing it as jewelry, for example, allows you to experience its metaphysical powers. While each type of stone has its own energy and healing properties, crystal specimens of all types are renowned for bringing positive energy into your life. As humans, we are receptive to the energetic vibrations of crystals. Our bodies have their own energetic vibrations, and when we work with crystals, their energy can enhance our own, resulting in a greater sense of peace, happiness, and even physical healing. Many people believe that certain crystals can attract abundance, shield one against negative energy, promote relaxation, and facilitate spiritual communication, too.

In addition, your home is a deeply personal space, and filling it with crystals is an excellent way to showcase your personality and interests. Crystal home décor enhances the positive energy in your home and allows you to create spaces that feel as amazing as they look. When placed with intention, they can have a powerful effect on your personal energy and the overall energy and vibration in your home.

Clearly, there are countless ways in which to use crystal specimens to raise your vibrations, enhance your life, and beautify your home. Whether you’re searching for fluorite specimens to help boost productivity in your office, a lovely piece of amethyst to place on your nightstand to promote a good night’s sleep, or any other brilliant crystal specimens to add some sparkle and color to your home, Crystal Allies has everything you need. Browse our full selection of crystal specimens to find a perfect piece to add to your collection!

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