5-piece Raw Stone Set from Morocco: Quartz, Aragonite, Barite, Azurite, Dolomite

Mineral set includes the following items:
  • (1) clear quartz (complete crystal geode, split into perfect matching halves)
  • (1) pink/brown/red aragonite
  • (1) white/orange/brown/red barite
  • (1) blue azurite
  • (1) white/brown/pink/red dolomite
  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Weight: ~2.5 lb
Whether you're a beginner stone and crystal collector or an experiened rock hound, this carefully chosen 5 piece mineral specimen set is a great addition to your showcase. Including 5 varieties of minerals from one of the world's most prestigious mineral mining regions, this stone set is sure to impress. Each of these limited Moroccan crystal sets has been hand selected by our in-house experts. Perfect gift for a lover of stones, or make it your own!