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Rough Green Quartz


  • Size: Large 1″ to 2″
  • Stones have been soaked in water to showcase its potential!
  • Includes authentic Crystal Allies certified stone info card!
  • Each and every specimen is unique and you will receive ones similar to the image shown.
  • 1lb
  • 3lb
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For individuals who feel dull and flat in their creative thinking, Green Quartz is a helpful stone that is known to inspire creativity in those who possess it. Because the stone is connected to the Heart Chakra, it is useful in healing and stabilizing an individual’s emotions. It also increases our capacity to love others, and, in turn, to be loved. This provides balance and positive energy in terms of maintaining the integrity of our relationships with others. Known as a transformative stone, Green Quartz is able to transform negative energy into positive energy without releasing it into the atmosphere. This will also enable the individual to be surrounded and attracted to wealth and abundance. Because of its color, the most predominant color on the planet, the stone works as a grounding stone for our outer and inner selves by keeping us connected to the “real” world and enhancing inner awareness. As Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals on the Earth, is has been widely used in ancient civilizations to heal and aid in various mythical ceremonies. Native American tribes believed that Quartz would provoke rain. Green Quartz is also thought to unlock the spiritual world in order for those who wear it to see into alternative passages. Additionally, because of its color, Green Quartz has been used by civilizations to stimulate feelings of connectedness and peace with nature. Green Quartz is perfect for everyday jewelry wear because of its soothing and calming coloration.

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1lb, 3lb


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