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Tumbled Malachite Stones from South Africa – Large 1″


  • Size: Large ~1″
  • Stones have been soaked in water to showcase its potential!
  • Includes authentic Crystal Allies certified stone info card!
  • Each and every specimen is unique and you will receive ones similar to the image shown.
  • 1/2lb
  • 1lb
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Element: Fire
Birthstone: Scorpio, Capricorn
Chakras: Solar Plexus (3rd), Heart (4th)

Malachite is heavily regarded as one of the premier protective stones against negative energies and psychic attacks. With its high copper content, Malachite steadily emanates an electromagnetic energy field full of positive vibrations around the holder, thereby strengthening one’s natural aura and protecting against outer negative influences. Malachite effectively resonates with the Heart Chakra, detoxifying the emotional body, promoting emotional balance and enhancing awareness of one’s negative emotional patterns and pitfalls. It also stimulates the Solar Plexus Chakra, encouraging one to utilize his or her own will to break through limitations and obstacles. As blocked channels are opened, Malachite stimulates an energized flow of life force throughout the body and aura, encourages spiritual evolution and the manifestation of dreams and desires. Malachite is a powerful ally for those on the path of transformation.

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1/2lb, 1lb


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