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Tumbled Black Onyx Stones from Brazil – Large 1″

  • Size: Large ~1″
  • Stones have been soaked in water to showcase its potential!
  • Includes Authentic Crystal Allies Stone Informational Card & Certification
  • Each and every specimen is unique and you will receive ones similar to the image show

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Black Onyx is as strong and bold in appearance as it in its qualities as a stone. For anyone looking for a power-up, Black Onyx is an ideal stone for inner strength, as it enhances an individual’s endurance and persistence; enabling them to follow through any obligations and tasks to completion. Alongside of strength, Black Onyx also provides its wearer with focus. This enables them to learn new material, as well as retain what they have already mastered. Because of this, Black Onyx is an ideal stone for those involved in fields requiring a high levels of focus, concentration, perseverance, and discipline. Those who lack a certain willpower and motivation can also find Black Onyx handy, as it is exudes an aura of self-mastery. The stone combines its other qualities to aid those who wear it in practicing self-control and increasing vitality. Though it provides strength, Black Onyx also works to calm feelings of nervousness, anxiety, and soothes hot energy. Black Onyx was an exceptionally popular stone with the ancient Greeks and Romans. Named after the Greek word for fingernail, although dark in color, during Greek Times almost all colors of chalcedony, including white, were referred to as onyx. Black Onyx’s powers develop slowly, and, as such, it is advised to be worn over a long period of time. Because of this, it is also recommended that the stone be washed once a week under running water. If used for extended periods of time, Black Onyx can be regenerated to keep its energy up to par by being placed in the earth overnight once a month. In additional, this stone also has a long history of use for hardstone carving and jewellery, where it is usually cut as a cabochon or into beads.

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