Crystal Allies Gallery: Natural Himalayan Salt Wire Mesh Basket Vase Lamp with Cord, Light Bulb & Authentic Crystal Allies Info Card


  • Quantity: 1 Crystal Allies Gallery Natural Himalayan Salt Wire Mesh Basket Vase Lamp Air Purifier with Cord, Light Bulb & Authentic Crystal Allies Info Card
  • 100% ALL NATURAL: Himalayan Salt Lamp Vase Basket with Himalayan salt chunks mined only from all-natural sources. All pieces in the tall basket are hand-cut, meaning each and every lamp is unique and you will receive ones similar to the image shown. Each one comes with an authentic Crystal Allies certified user pamphlet.
  • NATURE’S AIR PURIFIER: Himalayan Salt Lamps act as air purifiers. How do they work? Positive ions are around us in the form of dust, smoke, pollen, and pet dander. When heated up, Himalayan Salt Lamps emit a stream of negative ions that bind to the positive ions. The negative and positive ions become too heavy to remain in the air and drop down. The result? Clean and fresh air.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Great as a bed light, decorative light, meditation lamp, and more. Himalayan Salt Lamps are unique home decor items, and their soft warm glow makes them excellent for mood lighting or as a nightlight. Gently light up any space – home, office, or bedside.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Crystal Allies takes pride in being your direct provider of all-natural crystals, minerals, and specimens. Customers come first. Our dedicated customer service team is here to help. If our product does not meet or exceed your expectations, we offer a hassle-free 30-day money back guarantee (if purchased from one of our authorized partners). You can find a powerful ally with Crystal Allies.



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The Himalayan Mountains formed over the course of millions of years where continental collision between the Indo-Australian Plate and Eurasian Plate lifted the sea floor and trapped portions of the ancient oceans within these mountain ranges. As these ancient oceans separate and dried up, they left significant brine deposits that became buried within the Earth. Deep within these numerous pockets laid troves of ancient treasures – the origins of Crystal Allies Himalayan Salt Lamps. Each and every lamp includes hand-carved salt chunks. The lamp basket houses a low-wattage bulb, which steadily exudes a serene and warm glow that immediately fills any room.

Disclaimer: Crystal Allies and its subsidiaries will not be held responsible for any and all liability related to mishandling, improper use, or unintended applications of the Crystal Allies Himalayan Salt Lamps. This includes licking the Himalayan Salt Lamps.


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